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What Is Dade Strategic

We here at Dade Strategic Syndication Co. we are the business people that understand your need for cash as a primary tool for any successful business. With that being said we are not the banks, credit scores optional and we are fast, flexible, and available. Dade Strategic is here to get you the funding your business needs within days. Our team of professionals are here to support your company and its operations with quick access to our money products. What your business does with the cash is not our concern, nor is your personal balance sheet, or credit. At Dade Strategic Syndication Co. our primary objective is empowering you with access to the funding you need in the most expeditious manner possible, resulting in the cash you need today! Read More

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Smart Business Owners Monitor their Credit through the Funding process.

  • Get Your Free Credit Scores.
  • When applying for a funding and financing, it is important to know your scores.
  • Check and correct any potential errors on your credit profile.
  • Checking your own credit will NOT affect your scores.