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How DSS works for you


Approval is easy

DSS Funding Dept. We deliver Fast, Easy Funding with a High Approval Rate for FICO scores of 500-850.

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Apply now or pick up the phone. In just minutes you can be on your way.

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24 hours funding

DSS Funding Dept. can provide you with up to $500,000 to grow your business fast. No spending restrictions, personal guarantees or late fees.

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What is Dade Strategic Syndication ?

We here at DSS are the business professionals that understand your need for cash as a primary tool for any successful business. With that being said we are not the banks we look at every deal on an individual basis. With that being said seeing as we are not the banks we are not restricted by credit scores giving us the ability to be fast and flexible with our approvals. DSS is here to get you access to the capital you need in within days. Our team of professionals are here to support your company and its operations with quick access to our money products. The use and purpose of the funding is not our concern. At DSS our primary objective is to empower your business with the funding you need in the most expeditious manner possible, resulting in the cash you need to day to grow your business. Apply Here

The business cash advance from Dade Strategic Syndication helped our business get our inventory built up prior to our busy season. Chad and his team got us the funding we needed. The team was great and I recommend any business owner who wants to grow his business aggressively to work with this team.

NIck M CEO & Founder

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